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Too many alerts

  • Hi,

    We need a way of reducing the alerts we get from Zerto. Everytime there is any sort of outage i get about 20 alerts. This is no good for our first line engineers who check the backups/replication jobs every day and very annoying for me. We need to be able to customise the alerts, for example ‘one of more VPG’s exceeds configured RPO’ instead of an alert for each one. We only really need to know if the RPO has fallen behind by a couple of hours.

    Better yet, you could integrate with LogicMonitor or GFI so we get the alerts in our dashboard.

    I second this. We removed first/second line engineers from receiving Zerto alerts..

    Kris, Thomas, you can help make this enhancement a reality by browsing to MyZerto Support & Downloads, clicking Feature Requests, searching for¬†ZRVCORE-I-239 and then upvoting the request! It’s called “Make alerts more granular/customizable”.

    Thank you!

    Sean M, Zerto

    Any update on this being added as a feature enhancement?  Would be real nice to be able to configure the OOB alerting a bit Рis way too noisy.


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