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supporting Server 2019

  • What is the timeline for supporting Server 2019 as Hyper-V host?


    In order to verify compatibility of platforms, their management tools, hosts, and other features with Zerto versions – please review our interoperability matrix added below:


    If you refer to page 17 you will see Zerto supports Windows Server 2019 (for hyper-V) from version 5.5 and up.


    I believe that you are incorrect.  Please reference page 18 of the same document.  Also, stated on page 3 of http://s3.amazonaws.com/zertodownload_docs/Latest/Zerto%20Virtual%20Replication%20Hyper-V%20Enterprise%20Guidelines.pdf that Only 2012 R2 and 2016 Hyper-V hosts are supported.

    Hi Jeremiah,

    Thank you for the reply, as per your question I would like to clarify –

    Zerto does not support server 2019 for Hyper HOST and doesn’t have a timeframe at the moment for when it will be supported.

    What Stav mentioned above is that Zerto does support Server 2019 for the ZVM and VM’s.

    Hope this answers your question.

    If you would like you can enter a feature request regarding server 2019 being supported by Zerto, you can submit the FR via Myzerto at the following link: https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/support/feature-requests/.

    Our new Feature request portal will also allow you to view existing feature requests as well as voting or commenting on it.




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