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Support for ESXi 7.0.3

  • Hi,

    According to the Zerto Interoperability matrix , ZVR version 9.0U3 doesn’t support ESXi v7.0.3. My ESXi hosts are on v7.0.3-U3c and my vCenter Server is v7.0-U3c. Does this mean I can’t deploy Zerto in my environment?? If not, when will Zerto support ESXi 7.0.3???


    Hey George, no chance! I installed Security Patches to ESXi which has updated Version to 7.0U3c – and many Customers are waiting for the Update.

    The Zerto Update seems to be in QA testing since weeks… “It will be released in next two weeks” was a answer – four weeks ago…


    So, we all have to wait that Zerto will support a ESXi Patch Update.

    Thanks Martin. Yes, after I posted what I though was an innocent question, I did a search of of the Zerto community posts and came across a few other posters with the same issue, including the one saying “It will be released in next two weeks” was a answer – four weeks ago. LOL and sigh!

    My rep emailed me a few minutes ago, it’s available.  THE PATCH IS AVAILABLE!

    Hi All

    I am please to let you all know that the latest version of Zerto (9.0U3P2) supports ESXi 7.0U3

    Thanks for your patience.



    lets us know how many bugs are in this version :o)

    So far so good. Upgraded one host to U3 and RPA powered on without issues. All looking green.

    has anyone applied the patch across their environment and patched to current?  Is everything working at billed?

    Woo-hoo, thanks, downloading 9.0-U3P2 now 🙂

    The latest patch does not work with Zerto stay at 7.0 U3c for now do not update to 3d it does not work

    Adam, Have you opened a support ticket? If so please email me the case number justin.paul@HPE.com

    I just created one luckily I only pushed it to one host.  Zerto Case #00201962

    Was the issue with 7.0U3d addressed? I am currently having this issue as well…

    I also upgraded to 7.0u3d and ran into issues.

    Opened a case but had to revert to 7.0U3c to get things working again.

    Support and the interoperability matrix both state that 3d is not yet supported and point to the normal 90 day policy for a new release.

    The matrix was changed after the fact, it was just 7.0U3 in general no mention of specific patches.

    What method did you use to revert back to 7.0U3c? For some reason both my bootbanks updated when I patched it -_-

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