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Support for ESXi 7.0.3

  • Hi,

    According to the Zerto Interoperability matrix , ZVR version 9.0U3 doesn’t support ESXi v7.0.3. My ESXi hosts are on v7.0.3-U3c and my vCenter Server is v7.0-U3c. Does this mean I can’t deploy Zerto in my environment?? If not, when will Zerto support ESXi 7.0.3???


    Hi Carlos,

    I rebuilt my hosts as my altbootbank also was overwritten.

    Are you using image based cluster management instead of baselines ? I assume this is the cause of both bootbanks being overwritten.

    It’s usually pretty rare that a point release would break something.  I had read the matrix earlier as supporting U3 and luckily only upgraded one host from U3c to U3d.

    Image based cluster management for me and no option to rollback.

    Wish I saw this earlier myself. Upgraded to U3c last week all was peachy, then did one host to U3D today randomly since it was down for memory replacement….and it broke on that host…….ffs

    Osman Sercan S

    We had to upgrade all our servers to 3d versions.Please release new patch and support 3d version!

    Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for support of 3d as we did for 3c. Zerto really need to be working better with VMware to get these updates released faster so their customers are not at risk of known security vulnerabilities.

    7.0U3d is considered a critical re-release of 7.0U3 https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/7.0/rn/vsphere-esxi-70u3d-release-notes.html
    7.0U3c is not even available anymore from certain vendor images because there are risks to use it. I don`t presume Zerto will be take responsibility for issues resulting from using earlier versions.
    So now we are running without a functioning Zerto setup and need patch from Zerto a.s.a.p.

    Please advise when patch is available from your side, in the meantime zerto is down for us and completely unusable, severity should therefore remain high.

    Since U3d is consideredWe are running without Zerto now, please provide patch for U3d support a.s.a.p.

    Any ETA on 7.0.3d support? We need to upgrade our systems due to security policies but will break Zerto if we do. Currently on latest 9.5 U1 of Zerto.

    These delays in patching is really becoming an issue for us that has to be addressed at some point.


    Hello Zerto – Any ETA for an update to support 3d? I upgraded my ESXi hosts q/ U3d back in April (due to some misunderstanding with a Zerto’s support agent about 3c and 3d) and my Zerto environment is down since then.

    Ilario Luigi B

    Do we have at least a date for the new version that will support esxi 7.0.3d ?

    Agreed.  I understand VMware made a change, but we need to be able to keep our vulnerabilities patched AND have disaster recovery.  I’m currently fighting with our security team since I can only offer them one or the other.  Can we get a post of what the issue is or what we can tell our security people?

    Hello Jason,

    After upgrading my vSphere env to 7.0 U3d, the console on all the Z-VRA got a black screen with the following message:

    [2249188.893298] rc.local [604]: 2nd attempt: now = 2249188592

    [2249308.892874] rec.local [604]: Timer glitch: Last Timestamp Ms=2251948626 now=2251948625

    Note: at the bottom of the screen the cursor is blinking.

    When I try to install Zerto, I got the following error message in the ZVM version checker:

    “An Error has Occurred:”

    “Not All VRAs of ZVM are compatible. For more details check the active/acknowledge VRA alert. ”

    Note: It won’t let me pass this step. My Zerto environment has been down now for the last three weeks.


    This is getting ridiculous – this question was asked over 2 months ago.  When is 7.0.3d going to be supported?

    Osman Sercan S

    still no progress?

    Can we get a response to when the update will be released to support 7.0.3d?  should all the customers take the same response when we get our renewal’s and hold them for 90 days or longer without notice?

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