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Support Feedback

  • We’ve created a community space where we can post updates, share our evolving vision for improving Zerto Support, and discuss our plans to continually progress toward that ideal. If you have feedback on the new Support Community or other support offerings please give us your feedback in this forum. This is not meant for feedback on individual cases or TSEs. Please use our support survey for delivering case specific feedback.


    Zerto Support

    Good day all,

    In addition to the myZerto banner that is now posted, you can find the full message announcing this community below:

    Our driving mission in Zerto Support is to empower you with effective, efficient access to our Support services by whichever means best suits your preferences and situation you are facing. We are rolling out a comprehensive, continual improvement strategy that includes increasing the volume, scope, timely relevance, and quality of our Zerto Support content. Part of this strategy consist of a redesign of our existing Support channels, where we are improving your self-service experience and adding new options for customers to engage with Zerto Support. We are excited to announce the official launch of our new myZerto Community Support Forum, which will allow you to seamlessly engage with Zerto Support and the Zerto Customer Community.

     Historically, we have requested our customers to submit Support-related questions by opening a Severity 4 case. As we grow, we believe we can strengthen our partnerships with our customers, build a more engaged customer community, and improve overall customer experience by shifting those questions to our myZerto Community Support Forum. Our current Service Level Agreement for answering questions submitted via a Severity 4 Support case is three business days. We have Support Professionals dedicated exclusively to monitor this new, more efficient channel, allowing us to provide responses in a far shorter time.

     If any community questions turn out to be more complex than they originally appeared or require direct Support investigation in your environment, we will transition the engagement to our traditional Support process by opening a Support case on your behalf and remaining actively engaged throughout the handoff.

     We’re eager to travel down this road of continual improvement, but we can’t do it alone. This is why we’re inviting you to provide us feedback along every step of the way, as our partners in navigating this path together. We have created a community space where we can post updates, share our evolving vision, and discuss our plans to continually progress toward that ideal. Please post any feedback or questions you have on this process to myZerto Community Support Feedback.


    Zerto Support

    Since it appears almost anyone can post, it would be nice if Zerto employee responses were distinguished from other responses. Someone trying to be helpful might give incorrect or misleading information.

    Hi Connie – Thanks for your feedback – we are working with IT on getting a Zerto Employee badge so you will know these are “official” answers. We are also reviewing every post and reply to make sure they are accurate before giving a thumbs up.



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