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Static IPs Azure

  • hey guys

    is it a known issue  that most of the time when setting a static IP in a VPG for Azure the IP the server gets in Azure is another IP and not the one I defined?

    Today it happened to me using the latest 7.0 version available and I’ve seen the same issue in other 7.0 releases

    any idea why this happens or is it expected? I have to manually set the IP to static again in Azure.

    I see like for every 5 VMs I set the static IP 4 get another IP in the same range but another one and I have to interact with the VM and the VM have to reboot after IP is change so I am increasing my RTO.



    Hello Carlos,

    Brian from Zerto here.

    This post is the same as case #00153383. Please avoid opening cases and posting the same here. Kindly work with me on this issue in the case.


    + Due to an Azure limitation, failing over Linux VMs with static IP is not supported. Are the VMs experiencing the issue Linux VMs?
    + Did you select the “Create new MAC address?” option?:
    Whether the Media Access Control address (MAC address) used on the protected site should be replicated on the recovery site. The default is to use the same MAC address on both sites.
    Note that if you check this option, to create a new MAC address, and the current IP address is not specified, the protected virtual machine static IP address might not be used for the recovered virtual machine.

    More information on page 56 of Azure’s administrator guide:


    Let me know if this is relevant to your case.

    I found what was the issue

    Now Zerto uses VM Scale Set all the time 1 VM must be present but when doing FO for example it can increase the amount of VMs in that Scale Set up to 41 and that means using IP for  those VMs

    I realized that seeing seeing the error message below so this means I have to be careful and plan now I need to have a Subnet for Zerto and a Subnet for the VMs I need to DR o migrate to Azure since the IPs can overlap

    so screen (error) now I get why my VMs won’t get the IPs I wanted.  For this scenario I preferred starting IP from .100 and when I did that the Static IPs were assign at the first try when doing FO Test


    Hello Carlos,

    I’m glad you solved this one.

    Please go over the ‘Requirements for Microsoft Azure Environments’, page 31 in our Administration guide, this is all stated there 🙂

    Best regards,

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