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Startup script

  • Hi

    I would like to start VM on DR site, but with lower vcpu and lower memory.I have tried dozens of pre\post scripts but none of them worked.

    For example, one VM has 8cpu and 128gb memory, on DR i would like it to start with 2cpu and 16gb only.

    Have anyone did something like that and can share how?

    Hi Chen,

    Natively in Zerto I am not sure if this is possible, but depending on the situation you might be able to use Resource Pools in VMware to help achieve the desired outcome (essentially limiting available resources instead of changing each VM individually). If you need to BEEF UP the VMs this is probably not a suitable solution but if you need to limit the resources each VM can use this may help (and Zerto can recover to a Resource Pool so it can all be set up before a FoL/FoT).

    Hopefully, this info helps a bit. Would love to hear other people’s suggestions as well.

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