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Start FailOverTest Powershell

  • I unable to start failover test through Rest API

    here is my code

    "CheckPointIdentifier“: "144321

    Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url -Body $json -Headers $zh -ContentType $TypeJSON -Method Post

    Error I am getting

    {“Message”:”failed parsing as a valid CheckPoint Identifier”}

    Have you tried https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/ZertoModule/0.9.13

    Import-Module ZertoModule
    Set-Item ENV:ZertoServer "ZERTOSRV"
    Set-Item ENV:ZertoPort "9669"
    Set-ZertoAuthToken -ZertoUser "ZERTOUSER"
    $VPGID = Get-ZertoVPGID -VpgName "TESTVPG"
    $ZertoVpgCheckpointIdentifier=(Get-ZertoVPGCheckpoints -ZertoVpgIdentifier $VPGID)[-1].CheckPointIdentifier
    Start-ZertoVPGFailoverTest -ZertoVpgIdentifier $VPGID -ZertoVpgCheckpointIdentifier $ZertoVpgCheckpointIdentifier

    This is what I’m using but it doesn’t work against the source site, I can’t test against the target at the moment but it should work.

    Yes,I have tried that also. I got the same error.

    The issue has been resolved.

    I was sending the parameters with wrong names.Correct parameter name is ‘CheckpointID’ . I was using ‘Checkpointidentifier’.


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