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SQL Logging Options

  • We are using the replication piece of Zerto only (no Zerto Backup). A question arose whether or not we should use the Full logging option in SQL or the simple logging option in SQL. My understanding is that the Full logging gives you a better chance at data recovery. Since Zerto is running every second, there is no chance to run the VSS sql writer to quiese the data and make sure that all parts of the transaction are written to disk. If we had an unexpected loss of power or network, would the vm recovery better with the Full or with the Simple logging ?

    According to Microsoft technet, Full logging lets you recover to a point in time, where as Simple only lets you recover to the last backup the night before. Love to hear your comments / experience.

    Hi Joseph,

    Have you checked out the SQL Best Practice Guide?



    Looked it over and it did not answer the question that I posted. However the idea of putting the page file and temp DB on a different disk is very interesting. I want to know in the SQL logging options if FULL or SIMPLE is better for zerto. Here is an article from Microsoft. It would seem to suggest full logging is better.


    Thanks -Joseph

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