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SLA confusion

  • Hi, I’m running Zerto v8.5-Update2. I’ve created 9 VPGs, each containing a single VM. I started setting up the VPGs 2 days ago. I’ve set the Journal History to 14 days in each VPG. One of the VPGs has a yellow exclamation mark, reporting “History Not Meeting SLA” and when I click onto it, I see the current Journal History is “02:11 days“, so this makes sense to me. BUT the 8 other VPGs, including ones I’ve just created in the last 10 minutes all have green ticks, reporting “Meeting SLA”. If I select one of them I’ve just created, its Journal History is “02:25 hours“. So why are the 8 VPGs all saying “Meeting SLA”? I don’t get it?

    have you done test failover ? if you not then it will come to yellow

    No, I have not done any test Failovers on any of the 9 VPGs.

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