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Separate Throttle for One to Many or Site pairs

  • This is a feature request.

    Between sites I have different bandwidth and I’d like to be able to set the performance throttling to handle this, instead of only being able to set the throttle for the whole site.


    Site A – Site B – 500 Mbps

    Site A – Site C – 100 Mbps

    Currently I have to set Site A throttle to 80 Mbps, but then when I set up a replication from A to B, I don’t get the benefit of the increased bandwidth.  Perhaps this is already a feature in 5.5?

    I just wanted to voice my desire for this as well. As a CSP who uses Zerto across a fairly large number of diverse environments, this would be extremely helpful. I’d love to see this functionality at a site pairing level.


    Is this issue resolve in recent release ? I can’t find any granular throttling option for different sites



    Using 6 U3 but still no option to  set different throttle Bandwidth for different sites

    Make sure you vote for this as a feature request. Looks like it’s ZRVCORE-I-52 or https://idea.zerto.com/ideas/ZRVCORE-I-52

    like this idea.

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