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Retrieving ‘Protected Network’ for a NIC in a VPG

  • I have spent some time on this and cannot seem to see anyone in the swagger API where it retrieves the ‘protected network’ property that shows what network settings of the VMs Nics are at present. NOT ITS FAILOVER OR TEST NETWORK.

    The reason I want to query this is because I want to iterate through a list of Nics in VPG, check that the failover network matches the protected network and where not match, update. If I could query the current protected network this script would be much more efficient than me just blanket  setting all every single run of the script.

    I will try and post a picture of the property i am looking to retrieve.

    I have already tried swagger items below – they dont retrieve the protected network property, only failover and test networks.



    seems you cant post pictures…sigh.

    The protected network property is visible in the GUI under edit vpg > nics.

    It seems like you’ve been searching through the Swagger API but haven’t been able to find the property related to the current network settings of VMs’ NICs, specifically the ‘protected network’ property. This property is distinct from failover or test network settings. If you’ve exhausted your search within the Swagger API documentation, it might be helpful to reach out to the support team for further assistance or clarification on where to find this specific information.

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