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Replication from AWS to vSphere

  • Is replication from AWS to On-Prem vSphere feasible? Looking from the DR solution perspective , which the replicated VMs will be auto imported into On-Prem vSphere environment.

    Hi Lucas – Yes, Zerto can support replication from AWS to vSphere. I would recommend seeing a demo and trying the software to evaluate that it would meet your organizations needs. If you fill out the form at this link a member of the Zerto team will be in contact: https://www.zerto.com/try-or-buy-zerto/  — Justin

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the reply. Would you mind to share with me the link of the technical details document? We are the existing user of Zerto. You may reach me at lucas.chua@citictel-cpc.com. Thanks

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