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Replicating VM with more than 12 vdisks to AWS

  • Hello,

    We’re currently in a POC of the Zerto solution to build our DR environment in AWS.

    We’re facing a problem with VMs that have more than 12 vdisks attached, we cannot add them in a VPG.

    The documentation found for Zerto/AWS (ZVR-ETPA-4.5U2-01-30-05-16) is not clear about the limits in such VMs, in section “TEST1: Create a VPG”, page 5 it’s said that the limit is 12 vdisks (see Notes) while in section “TEST3; Add a VM to an existing VPG”, page 8 it’s said that AWS supports up to 26 volumes for a Windows instance (in Notes again).

    We are using Zerto 4.5U2 build 045200117

    Is there a workaround or do you have something in the roadmapĀ for such use case ?




    Had some news about this, it seems this issue will be solved in Zerto 4.5U4.


    AWS hard limit is 26 disks. Not a Zerto limitation anymore.


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