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Replica disk attached during test failover

  • If we perform test failover and choose a checkpoint to recover the protected VM, then how does Zerto manage the original replica disk by not committing the change blocks as per the checkpoint when attached to the VM performing test failover? What I understand it that the VM is protected and replication continues during the test failover & new checkpoints are created in the journal. They how does test recovery preserves the actual replica disk from being commited with the data chosen upto the checkpoint?

    @Zerto support – Anyone from Zerto to comment or guide on this?

    Hi Jasmeet,

    we have a scratch file that sits externally to our replica and journal disks that allows changes to be written to this instead of the replica disk leaving the replica disk and the journal free to continue replication.

    Kind Regards


    Thank you ! What about the actual replica disk? From which disk does the VM that we are testing failover, fetch the data? I see in by lab that the actual replica disk is attached to the VM against which test failover is performed and all the writes / change is committed to the scratch disk. If replica disk is not in use then which disk is attached to that VM and how does it preserves actual replica disk from commiting the changed block post the specified journal history? Would appreciate if you elaborate on this.

    Hoping to get an answer from an expert.

    Still waiting for somebody to help me on this.

    Hi Jasmeet

    the replica disk is attached but not locked therefore the journal can still be writing changes into the replica disk once the checkpoints age out of the journal

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