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Removing VPG's and sites after failover

  • Is there a best practice for removing VPG’s, VRA’s, and sites after a permanent failover?

    Our VPG’s were failed over to a 2nd vCenter and they are staying there. Need to clean-up the installation without affecting the running VM’s.

    Thanks in advance.

    You should just be able to run the uninstaller from the ZVM and it will delete all VPGs, VRAs, and uninstall the ZVM software.

    One of our SEs made a video on uninstall & cleanup that can be found here:

    You may need to check vCenter to clean up any datastore remnants. I don’t think Zerto makes the assumption that you want to remove all data from VC.

    hope this helps!

    Hi Andrew,

    Just to be clear – you used Zerto to move your VPGs to a 2nd vCetner where they will be staying and there is no longer a need to protect them with Zerto?


    that’s correct.

    Thanks Ryan, that did the trick.

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