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Recovery Data Size/Recovery Storage:

  • Hi There,

    Just wondering, is there a way to pull the “Recovery Data Size” back using API or Powershell at all?

    I’m aware of the method to grab from https://zvm_ip:port/v1/vpgs etc, but this pulls back UsedStorageInMB – What I want is to pull back the Recovery Data Size that is also shown when you look at the web management page. (Also shown as “Recovery Storage” when you edit settings?

    I can’t seem to find any info about that value anywhere in the documentation?

    Many Thanks in Advance

    Hi Alex – Have you taken a look at the Resource Report or Volumes API? Aside from the VPGs API, these also have details on recovery/journal data sizes. — Justin

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for coming back, However neither of these pull back that info either.. Resource Report contains:
    Recovery Journal Used Storage (GB)
    Recovery Journal Provisioned Storage (GB)
    Recovery Volumes Used Storage (GB)
    Source Volumes Used Storage (GB)
    Source Volumes Provisioned Storage(GB)

    Volumes API gives:
    ProvisionedInBytes The provisioned size of the volume, in bytes.
    UsedInBytes The used size of the volume, in bytes.

    Neither of these is “Recovery Data Size” as shown in the web management console if you select a VPG.

    Kind Regards

    Hi Alex – The aggregate of the recovery volumes (either for a VPG or for the entire site) would be the recovery data size I think, no? — Justin

    Sorry Justin maybe I am misunderstanding,

    I checked & for instance I have 3 VMs in a Site, the volumes are as follows:
    VM1 = Provisioned 76.1Gb – Recovery Data Size = 138Gb
    VM2 = Provisioned 900Gb – Recovery Data Size = 1.08Tb
    VM3 = Provisioned 108Gb – Recovery Data Size = 218Gb

    I’m just not sure where the browser is getting this info from.. my next port of call was potentially going to be to interrogate the SQL Database & see if I can pull that value out.

    Kind Regards

    Hey Alex – Is the recovery data size you’re looking into the column here listed on the ‘protected VMs’ sub tab? If so, then for a single VM, this is the total of recovery volumes and the journal for that VM. Aggregate of all VMs in the VPG or all VPGs with that site as a recovery site would be those totals. — Justin

    Hi Justin,

    Ahh yes I see it, that’s great thanks, I’ll work out a way of combining.
    Thanks for the prompt assistance!

    Kind Regards

    No problem, glad to help!

    Hey Alex – just wanted to add, but if you do have feedback or requests for the API please do let our team know! You can find our product teams portal at MyZerto –> Support & Downloads –> Feature request.  — Justin

    Ok that’s great, many thanks again! 🙂

    Kind Regards


    Sorry to re-open this thread, but I have another use case here:

    I have multiple datastores that are representing multiple CoS that we sell at multiple prices.

    Hence some of our customers are protecting VMs to multiple datastores.

    We need to extract the recovery data size per datastore to charge our customers accordingly.

    From the ressource report that we extract through the GUI, there is only the total recovery data size but if I’m not mistaking I can’t get it per DS (therefore I don’t know what price I should apply).

    Is there a way to get this info from the API? Otherwise how could I do this?



    Also sorry for digging up this old thread, but I thought the info could be useful 🙂  Based on analysis that I’ve done,  Recovery Data Used = recovery volumes + journal volumes + allocated memory for protected VMs (for swap disks) + some unknown additional quantity (~8-10% of journal used, but that’s just a guess cause its inconsistent for me).

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