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RE-IP Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0

  • Hi, we’re running Zerto v7.0 Update2. According to the ZVR Operability Matrix, it supports the re-IP of RHEL versions 5-7x. Our VM is running RHEL v8.0 and it’s got VMware Tools running in it. We tried a failover test but Zerto was unable to change its IP address to what we had configured in its VPG’s “Test IP” NIC settings. We weren’t able to logon to the failed-over VM because we didn’t have its root account credentials at the time, but the vSphere Web Client showed its original IP address. The VM also didn’t do a second reboot like the Windows ones did when their IP addresses were successfully changed. Is it because ZVR 7.0-U2 really doesn’t support the re-IP of RHEL v8?


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