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Question about Virtualization Site Name?

  • When I pull the virtualization site info via the API, it displays SiteIdentifier, VirualizationSiteName.  I’ve noticed that of the eight sites targeting this ZVM, four of them show the name as the site name I have configured, and four of them have the protected vCenter FQDN as the site name despite the fact that they have a site name configured.  Anybody know why this is the case and/or how to get them to show the actual site name rather than vCenter FQDN?

    Hi, I’m not sure exactly how to get this. But I think it might be possible if you are specifying the URL of the site to use in your search query, you may need to cast that variable as a string first. Another option is from the vSphere Web Client, there should be a profile dropdown on the home page for each vCenter Server. If there’s more than one profile for each SSO account, go into one of them and click Edit Settings. Make sure that ‘API Access’ is enabled for this SSO account.

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