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Pre-Seeding volumes

  • I understand we can use pre-seeded volumes to copy the disks which will avoid the usage of WAN link for initial data sync.

    When we use Pre-seeded volumes in VMware, we are planning to use the hot clone of source VM’s and my questions are:

    • Is this fully supported? what are the limitations?
    • In the steps I can see that there is one step to remove disks from cloned VM’s, is this mandatory?
    • While copying VMDK files to target, do we need to follow the same file name format or can we rename the files?
    • is there any impact to the time stamp of vmdk files?


    Hi Benoykumar,

    Cloning the VMs and then using the disks is absolutely supported yes. All we require is a copy of the VMDK that is of exactly the same provisioned size, how you achieve this is largely irrelevant.

    You will need to detach the disk from the VM in order to use them for preseed yes, as we have a validation layer in there that checks they are not being used by another VM to avoid accidents.

    The files can be renamed, this shouldn’t be an issue.

    The time stamp also has no impact as we will perform a complete disk comparison as part of the pre-seed and just replicate the changes. Obviously the older the pre-seed disk, the more data will likely need to be replicated.



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