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Powershell to edit VPG – Test Reminder

  • Does anyone have a powershell script that can edit/change all the VPG’s setting for the test reminder from 6 months to 12 months? Is it possible to make 12 months the default vs 6 months?

    Yes, you have to use API calls, and build the JSON body but I do it in my environment. I’ve only ever done it with creating new VPGs, but editing them would be the same process except you’d have to get the VPGsettingsidentifier before you can edit the vpg (obviously).

    The article you’re looking for is here:

    on page 14 you’ll see the VPG creation script – and the JSON creation  –
    “”TestIntervalInMinutes””: “”$TestIntervalInMinutes””,
    that variable is created on page 11.

    As far as I know, the test reminder information is stored in the Service Profile not the VPG. The only time the VPG will have the test reminder details is when the VPG’s Service Profile is set to Custom.

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