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Powershell REST API for Zerto Analytics

  • Hello,


    I’m an MSP that’s new to Zerto.  After some inspection, it looks like our monitoring product (Solarwinds) doesn’t have the ability to directly call and parse JSON to track metrics.  It can, however, call powershell and take return output to track metrics/trigger alarms.

    There’s been a few examples of using the powershell cmdlets to interact directly with a VPG, but can someone write a few examples of how to call Invoke-Restmethod with the Zerto Analytics REST API?  This way I have the ability to monitor all of my customers via the Zerto Analytics portal REST API and not have to directly communicate with the VPGs themselves.


    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Greg,

    Here is a link to an article where we walk through an example of using the Zerto Analytics API:  https://www.zerto.com/zvr-6-0/unleashing-the-power-of-zerto-analytics-api/.

    The example script itself can be found here on Github: https://github.com/Zerto-Tech-Marketing/Get-VPG-RPOstats-PRTG.

    Thank you,


    Got it.  Did a rudimentary test and I’m able to pull stats.   THANK YOU!!!

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