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Powered Off VMs and alerts

  • So recently we had to migrate some VMs to a different Host in vCenter. Afterwards I received a couple of alerts for VMs that had been powered off. Does Zerto monitor and alert for powered off VMs or only those that have been deleted?

    Part 2. If a VM is powered off then it can only be restored to the last RPO and that is exceeded shouldn’t an alert be generated?


    Hi Bill,

    If the VM has completed its initial sync, the VM should be able to be powered off and replication will still continue without issue.¬†Checkpoints will continue to be sent but they will contain no data as the disks aren’t changing. If the VM’s were migrated while a delta sync or initial sync was occurring and then powered off that would cause issues, but a powered off VM should be able to be vMotioned to a new host without any issues as long as the host you are migrating to has a VRA on it.
    We don’t¬†monitor for the power states of VM’s but if a VM is powered off during a sync an alert will be generated. If you can give some more information on this specific issue I can help you out if this wasn’t the answer you were looking for.

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