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Power BI guidance for Zerto Analytics

  • Trying to connect to Analytics via Power BI.  Just looking for license usage at this point.  Anyone have any suggestions for how to form the request in Power BI?  I am attempting using below:

    URL – http://analytics.api.zerto.com/v2/auth/token’

    accept – application/json

    Here’s the error message:
    Unable to connect
    We encountered an error trying to connect.
    Details: “Web.Contents failed to get contents from ‘http://analytics.api.zerto.com/v2/auth/token’ (503): Service Unavailable”




    Did you ever figure this out?

    Did you guys ever find a solution, I’m doing my best as well to post live reports or something to my reporting site for my CIO but honestly not even the “reports” smtp server work to email self reports.


    Bob Ramos

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