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no networks appear in vapp network mapping

  • we’ve recently deployed a ZCC to bridge a customers vCent environment to our vCloud Director environment.

    Customer is running vCent 6.0 with ZVM 4.5 whilst we are running vCloud Director 5.0 with ZVM 4.0.

    When customer creates a VPG they can cycle through the the wizard after selecting their source VM, the target site etc but when it comes to the recovery tab where you set the vApp Network Mapping it appears with no options except “none” which is fine i suppose as they can create the VPG and replicate the VM at a compute level.

    Unfortunately this leaves the undesirable situation where they need to manually intervene to do failovers etc.

    Is there something else going on here? a missing firewall rule perhaps blocking specific communication?

    Hi Chris,

    I’m validating what you’re saying and we’ll post an update shortly. I just want to make sure I get you the most accurate information. If all else fails, a support call and WebEx could probably quickly rectify this. Sorry for the delay and the hassle you’re having!


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    Hi Chris! Thanks for waiting. I’m not sure if you’ve figured¬†out the issue in your environment, but the simplest fix we can think is looking at the permissions within vCD for those customers. Ensure the networking is defined correctly for the customer within the vCD Org VDC and within the Zorg in ZCM (ensure the destination Org VDC has the org network present. You can verify this within the vCD Resources tab for that Zorg within the ZCM gui).

    There could be other issues that we’d want to look into with you and would be more of a challenge to troubleshoot over the forum, so if ¬†it’s not an obvious permissions change, please give our support team a call!



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    Has this ever been figured out? I am in the same scenario, we have a ZCC deployed, ZVM on customer premise, ZVM in cloud premise. VMs are replicating, and the customer has assigned networks to each VM interface within the “NICs” tab in the VPG configuration, though when we perform any test or live failovers to the VPGs, the VMs do not retain any network settings once built on the vCloud Director side.

    I have confirmed that the NIC configuration to each VM interface within these VPGs is being retained, as we have performed live failovers into the vCloud environment from the vCenter environment, with a full commit to promote the VMs to be “live” in the vCloud site. After a delta-sync, and NOT making changes to the un-configured VM interfaces within vCloud Director, we performed a live failover back to the customers vCenter, to which all of the network configurations were present when the VMs were brought online in the vCenter environment.


    Does anyone know if this is by design, or if there is a bug, or something missing in the ZCM? — I did look in the ZCM configuration for the customer, and there is no availability to adjust network resources assigned in the ZCM, this is only where one assigns the Org vDC to the ZORG. I also checked the network configurations in vCloud Director, which I saw no discrepancies there, or mis-configurations.

    Hi Chris,


    Do you have guest OS customization enabled in the VPG setup?

    Is there multiple NIC’s assigned to each VM?

    Does it not attach the network’s at all on the vCloud side?


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