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New VPG with REST API from vCloud Director site

  • Official document – Zerto Virtual Replication RESTful APIs Version 5.0 U3, states on page 12 that vpgSettings API does not support vCloud Director, preseeding, setting backup, AWS, etc

    POST method to “https://zvm_ip:port/v1/vpgs” should “Create a VPG”, but again the VM is random one and not the one in vDC vApp.

    Can anyone suggest if I could use some workaround and save time on creating dozens of VPGs manually?

    Hi Slawomir,

    I will bring your question up with the product and engineering team and get back to you as soon as I have an answer!

    Thank you

    Hi Slawomir,

    For clarification, are you saying you want to create VPGs of VMs that are not within vCD? Or are you saying you want to protect some vCD VMs with a destination outside of vCD? Or are you saying you are performing a task and receiving unexpected results? Sorry for the confusion, but what exactly are you trying to do? Hopefully we can make it easier for you, though! 🙂



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    Thanks Harry,

    You are right, I haven’t put much of background info, sorry.

    We are running VCD 8.10 for CSP in both sites (protected and DR, and vice versa). Our customers have their virtual data centre with vApps (vmware constrain). New customer has mapping 1 VCD vApp = 1 VM. Customer has 40 VMs. Zerto has been deployed with ZCM.

    I was trying to automate and setup 40 VPGs for 40 individual vApps with 40 corresponding  VMs. When I run GET on “https://zvmIP:9669/v1/virtualizationsites/$LocalSiteIdentifier/vms” I can see few VMs that aren’t managed via VCD, but those aren’t the customer VMs, but our infrastructure VMs.

    I believe only two methods can create VPG, POST to: …/vpgs or …./vpgSettings. None of them allow to create VPG for vAPP in VCD  on protected site.

    I was also reviewing in depth document “Automating ZVR with powershell & REST API whitepaper”, where on page 32 is “Bulk Automated VPG Creation – ZVM & ZCM” with sample script. But, as I tested, that works only when protected site is not being managed by VDC.

    I hope that gives more clarity to the problem.



    Hi Slawomir,

    As of 5.5 we support creating VPG’s in an vCD to vCD scenario using the VPGsettings API. Please see our API Reference guide : http://s3.amazonaws.com/zertodownload_docs/Latest/Zerto%20Virtual%20Replication%20RESTful%20APIs.pdf

    Chapter “Managing vCD APIs” discusses this.

    Hi Gijsbert,

    Last night I’ve upgraded all zerto components in our cloud to version 5.5 U2 P2. Today I’ve tried to follow the “Zerto Virtual Replication RESTful APIs.pdf” – Version 5.5 Update 2 again.

    Page 198 starts with “VPG Management APIs”, next page has details how to “Get a VPG Settings Identifier”. The request would use POST method to https://zvm_ip:port/v1/vpgSetting – exactly what you are referring to use for vCD to vCD scenario.

    Please check screenshot below

    Can you advise why it is not “VpgSettingsIdentifier”: “String content”?


    NB. Following that API I tried “List Networks of an Org vDC in a Site” and that one worked fine. Next API – …/storageprofiles shows this error



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