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New Hosts, New Storage, New Admin

  • We are working on a new ESX cluster, and I am not 100% confident in my Zerto abilities. I was not the original installer.


    We currently have Zerto VIrtual Rep. 5.5u1 on connected to a Windows based 5.5 vSphere. We will be changing this to a vSphere 6.5u1 appliance. I have 4 new hosts, and new storage than is not compatible with the new hosts, so connecting both storage arrays is not possible.

    I will be placing the older hosts into the new 6.5 cluster, and will have to ability to vMotion things over to the new hosts/storage.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for the documentation on how I should approach this? Will I need to do a new Zerto setup? Can I migrate and change the Zerto virtuals in the console to point to the new host names/addresses?  I’m lost.

    The biggest question here is, are you doing an in-place upgrade of your vCenter servers, or are you spinning up fresh vCenter servers from scratch?

    Other questions: What is your destination? Is it on-prem or hosted? VMWare, HyperV or Cloud?

    The servers are fresh and new. The destination is a cloud.


    New vCenter means that you have to recreate everything within Zerto from scratch. You can export the settings I think and import them but I’ve never done it.

    I would open a support ticket with Zerto and get their advice. Changing out vCenter servers is a big deal to how Zerto is setup. It’s specifically why I do in-place upgrades and I don’t change my vCenter.

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