Multiple zMA's per vCenter or similar

  • We are migrating a number of systems to a new third party datacenter, they use Zerto and they have the ECE license.

    I understand the process that Zerto uses, VM and ZRA on same host, VRA connects to ZMA and ZMA sends replication traffic to third party Cloud Connector, this process we are happy with for the LAN systems but our DMZ VM’s are on separate hardware/network behind a firewall but still part of the LAN vCenter. Is it possible to send the DMZ traffic over the DMZ (no NAT’s in place) to another third party Cloud Connector thus removing the need to transfer TB’s of data through the Firewall. Ideally we would have a second ZMA in the DMZ but this is not supported/possible.

    I hope this makes sense



    I assume that ZMA = ZVM (Zerto Virtual Manager) ?

    How are your DMZ hosts connected to the vCenter? I assume there is a management network. Why not deploy the VRA’s to the management network (same place as the ESXi vmkernel¬†interface listens).

    That should allow ZVM to talk to the VRAs and the VRAs should be able to send data over to the ZCCs.



    Hi, Thank you for your response and my apologies for not getting back to the post. We did get it working by as mentioned put the DMZ VRA’s on the management network which has visibility to vCenter, the ZVM on the same network as vCenter and with help from support add static routes in the DMZ VRA’s to their ZCC.

    All appears to be working well and a number of system migrated, all the rest in sync

    Thank you again

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