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Moving VMs

  • I have setup a new esx cluster on my network and will like to move the VMs from the old esx host to the new cluster. I plan to move these by using backup and restore or zerto for large VMs.
    My question is, if I move a VM that is currently being replicated to my DR site, will I have to restart the replication from scratch after the VM is moved to the new esx host, or will it recognize that its the same VM and continue after doing a bitmap scan?
    Some of my VMs are approaching 1TB and will take a long time to fully resync. How can i move my VMs to the new esx host with minimal impact on my zerto environment?

    Hello Or,

    Mike from Zerto here. As long as both clusters are on the same vCenter and the host you are moving the VM to has a VRA, then you can vMotion the VM to the new host without interrupting replication.

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