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Move VPG via API

  • Is there a method using the REST API for moving a VPG to another site or is this considered a failover?

    Thank you,

    Dustin Perkins
    Hunting Energy Services

    Hey Dustin,

    I noticed that nobody from the community had responded to your post. You can use the https://zvm_ip:port/v1/vpgs/{VpgIdentifier}/failover API with the desired options to achieve the same process that a move operation from the GUI would take. Any further questions let me know. Thanks,


    I’d be interested to see an example, or some more specific direction about which /failover request values would initiate a Move operation. With CommitPolicy=Commit and IsReverseProtection=False, the /failover created a Task of type FailoverBeforeCommit. But a Move operation from the GUI created a Task of type MoveBeforeCommit. So am I missing some relevant option in the API? Or is the task type difference just cosmetic?

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