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Migration VMs from Esxi to Hyperv

  • Hi Everyone,

    I was given a PoC task to complete to test migration VMs from Esxi to Hyperv. I have done some digging ad come to the conclusion that I need vcentre on Esxi and scvmm on hyper-v as the mandatory requirement to use Zerto replication to seeding the VMs and failover. however I now confirmed that we do not have access to the vcentre and no scvmm installed for hyper-v, just wondering if there is an agent based option of Zerto that can be used for migration. thank you very much.




    Requirements for installing Zerto

    Zerto Virtual ManagerĀ (ZVM): The ZVM is a Windows service, running on a dedicated Windows VM, that manages everything required for the replication between the protection and recovery sites, except for the actual replication of data.

    Installing Zerto on a standalone host is unsupported. The ZVM interacts with the hypervisor management user interface, such as vCenter Server or Microsoft SCVMM, to get the inventory of VMs, disks, networks, hosts, etc. It also monitors changes in the hypervisor environment and responds accordingly. For example, a VMware vMotion operation, or Microsoft Live Migration of a protected VM from one host to another is seen by the ZVM, and the Zerto User Interface is updated accordingly.

    Virtual Replication ApplianceĀ (VRA): A VRA is a virtual machine installed on each hypervisor host where VMs are to be protected from or to. The VRA manages the replication of data from protected virtual machines to the recovery site. The target VRAs are responsible for maintaining any protected VMs disks.



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