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Migrating from old vCenter to new vCenter

  • Hello Folks,

    So what I am looking to do is use Zerto to facilitate my migration from my old vCenter to a new vCenter (hardware refresh). After that is complete, the old vCenter will be shut down. The new vCenter will be replicating, using Zerto, to a DR site. So the ZVM that I have set up that was pointing to the old vCenter, will be redirected to the DR site.

    Will there be any issues doing this?

    Hi Yuk Fai L!

    Thanks for your question and I greatly apologize for a delayed response. We’re checking into this and will get back to you. In the future, if you need an immediate answer please contact support as sometimes they can give you what you need much more quickly (although we’re hoping to respond to all these forum posts as quickly as possible. 🙂 ).



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    More clarification questions actually…are you “migrating” by building new and attaching current hosts to the new, or are you actually using a migration tool such as VMware’s?


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    Sorry for taking long so to respond but what I was trying to do no longer applies as we went through another way.

    Our main issue was not having enough ports to do some vMotion storage from an older iSCSI storage array to the new FC one. Was thinking about using Zerto to assist migration from an “old” vCenter to the new vCenter.

    Hello Yuk Fai L,

    We are planning to do the same migration process.  What tool did you end up using to accomplish your migration to the new environment?



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