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Many VPGs in Bitmap Sync

  • Since a few days we have the problem that many of our VPGs are in Bitmap Sync and seems to be stuck in this state.

    Our VRAs already have 4 vCPUs and 8 GB of Memory because of another problem we had.

    Some VPG States are on “VRA Communication Problem” and some are on “Network Congestion” but I cannot find the real bottleneck here. There are no errors unter the VRAs Tab in “Setup”. All VRAs are green on both sites.

    What I wonder is what the new parameter (Enable Bandwidth Regulation) under “Site Settings” – “Throttling” is about? We don’t have “Bandwidth Throttling” enabled.


    Few things about our infrastructure:

    Number of site: 2
    ZVM Version: 7.0 U1P1 (Build 070115007)
    About 330 VPGs and 2000 VMs (600TB Protected)
    Network Link between are 4 x 10GB/s Darkfibre

    Hello Tobias,

    Bandwidth Throttling:
    Define this to control the amount of traffic going out of your site. When defined, this is the maximum bandwidth that Zerto
    Virtual Replication uses from this site to all peer recovery sites.
    If you do not specify bandwidth throttling, the default is for Zerto Virtual Replication to automatically assign the bandwidth
    used per VPG, based on using the maximum available and then prioritizing the usage according to the priority set for the
    VPGs sending data over the WAN.

    The information will be on page 260-261. Including the default advanced settings.


    You can always open a case with a specific severity.


    Hi Atir
    Thanks for your answer. I’m looking for this setting:

    Enable Bandwidth Regulation: Use this for troubleshooting – to enable regulating the bandwidth (also on page 261)

    This checkbox is enabled by default. So is Bandwidth Regulation active when this is enabled? And on what base does it regulate bandwidth?

    I will create an case for further investigation.



    Hi Tobi,

    The “Enable Bandwidth Regulation” does not do anything on its own, it is a precursor to Bandwith Throttling, it needs to be checked in order to use the bandwidth throttling or time-based throttling.



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