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Long Term Retention with cloud storage

  • We are currently using Zerto to replicate to Azure for DR.  I would like to eliminate or reduce other backup tools from our environment by using Zerto with Long Term Retention.  For testing I deployed a Server 2019 VM and created a repository on a ReFS volume with deduplication activated.  It has been working great and so far has fit all of our needs with the exception of getting these long term backups off-site since the Long Term Retention feature can only be activated in our main site and not in the Azure DR site.

    Is there anyway to use cloud storage on Azure to get a 2nd copy of these log term backups offsite?

    Hello Skye,

    Mike from Zerto here.

    LTR involving Azure (whether you are replicating VPGs to/from Azure, or you are looking to use Azure storage for a repository) is not supported at this time. It is on the roadmap, and I would recommend contacting your Account Team for any roadmap questions.

    Is this feature still not available?

    Hello Paul, Guy from Zerto here.

    S3, Using the AWS Storage Gateway was officially supported as of Zerto 7.5,u1.
    Starting in 8.0, LTR repositories can be S3 buckets via the AWS Storage Gateway.
    We, however, do not support the repository being in Azure as of yet, nor can you enable LTR for any VPGs that are currently replicating to AWS or Azure (the “solution” here would be to ensure you have a One To Many enabled license and then build VPGs to replicate to either a different hypervisor-based site or just self-replicating, then enable LTR on this new VPG while also replicating the same VMs in the original VPGs going to AWS/Azure).

    Best Regards,


    The problem with this concept is while it put replication into Azure, it doesnt gain us the ability to use cold storage in Azure to store the LTR which is what we are trying to achieve. pulling long term backups over 14 days offsite to save space on the local primary Zerto server.

    long term concept here, what i guess we are really looking for is to add a offsite repository to storage all LTR data. i assumed i would need to do this by setting up a ZMA server and new site in Azure(we dont have an AWS account at this time)

    we do have one to many  licensing.

    Has the ability to have LTR in Azure been resolved in 8.0 yet?  Preferably lower tier storage.

    Hello John,


    LTR can utilize Azure storage starting in Zerto 8.5. Please review the following Zerto KB for details:


    How to Create an Azure App / Repository for Long Term Retention


    Thank you,


    Creating a repository doesn’t help if you can’t use it with VPGs. The documentation says that you can’t use LTR with cloud storage and, even if you set up a repository in Azure per the instructions you can’t use it – at least with 8.5. I don’t see it in the information on version 9 yet either.

    Is it close to being there yet?

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