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How to Create an Azure App / Repository for Long Term Retention

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An administrator may want to setup an Azure App/Repository to be used for Zerto's LTR feature.


Prerequisite: Storage account is defined in the Azure subscription.

To create an Azure app, please follow these steps:

1. Open the Azure Portal and select the "More Services" button:

2. Search for "App registration" service and click it:

3. Click the "New registration" button:

4. Type the desired name for Zerto application, select the account type (access level) and click the "Register" button:

5. In the Application settings page, the appID and tenantID can be retrieved:

6. To create the secret key

  • Select "Certificates & secrets" menu

  • Press the "New client secret" button.

  • In the popup menu type the secret key name in the Description field, set the expires period, and press the add button:

7. Copy the new client secret value and save it, as you won't be able to retrieve it after you perform another operation or leave this blade. This value will be used as the “Application key“ in the initial configuration of the Azure repository in Zerto.

Once the application was set, we need to provide the permissions for our registered app in the storage account.

8. Open Access control settings within the storage account that will be used for Zerto Long-term Retention:

9. Click the "Add" button:

  • Select the "Storage Account Contributor" role

  • Select the application we registered and click "Save"

10. Perform step 9 also for the "Storage Blob Data Owner" role:

11. Validate that the roles were assigned successfully: 

12. Upon completion, define the Azure Repository in Zerto. The following input is required:

  • Storage account name

  • Tenant ID

  • Application ID

  • Application key  

This article is based on this Microsoft Azure guidelines.