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Limit to number of Shadow VRA's (VRAH)?

  • Hello,

    We frequently have shadow VRA’s on hosts in our recovery site clusters. Anybody know if there is a limit to the number of Shadow VRA’s that Zerto will spawn? We have some clusters with larger hosts and am wondering if there is a limit to the number of VRAH’s that Zerto will create?

    My understanding (as a customer) is that the VRAH machines spin up due to a VMWare limitation in the number of VMDK’s that can be attached to a single VM. Once that limit is reached on the VRA, it will spin up a VRAH to handle to load. Conversely, when the VRAH is no longer needed, it will remove itself automatically. I think it’s pretty hands off from what I’ve observed. When it’s needed, it spins up, when it’s not, it removes itself.

    Hope that helps.

    The limitation is due to SCSI itself not VMware. The VRA’s have 4 controllers with a max of 15 disks per, an age old SCSI limitation. I’m just curious if we exceed that on a VRAH will it spin up VRAH2 if you will.

    Ahh yes, good old scsi. Good call. Sounds like a question for Zerto support.

    I haven’t run into a limit myself, I’ve seen some of my recovery hosts with 4 Z-VRAH VMs.

    Awesome thanks for the reply Connie

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