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    How can I force Zerto to use LDAPS for authentication when connecting to our domain?


    My name is Contara from Zerto Support.

    When Zerto accesses the vCenter Server, it requires the vSphere privileges assigned to Administrator roles, which includes the following privileges

    page 12 of


    You can add the Active Directory user account to the VCenter vSphere but make sure the Active Directory user account has “vSphere privileges assigned to Administrator roles”.

    On the ZVM side:

    • Remote desktop into the ZVM server
    • Launch Zerto Diagnostic Utility – select “Reconfiguration Zerto Virtual Manager”
    • In the vCenter Server Connectivity window – Key in the Username and Password of the Active Directory Account.

    Note: The Zerto role must also be available. This role is added to the administrator user during the Zerto installation.


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