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Lack of speaker diversity at ZertoCON

  • There are 20 men and zero women on the list of speakers at ZertoCON. Did y’all reach out to any women about speaking?

    Lauren, Really appreciate your feedback! I was disappointed not to get the diversity we wanted as we did reach out to several of our customers and women speakers but unfortunately we could not make it happen for the event. If you look at last year, at our live event we had a very diverse number of speakers as well as our first women in tech breakfast. Sadly we couldn’t execute a live event this year. That all said we will try harder for next event and with that in mind could we consider yourself as a possible candidate??? Many thanks and happy to chat

    Thanks for the response, Caroline! I was at ZertoCON last year, but I wasn’t able to make it to the Women in Tech breakfast. I was really looking forward to that this year. Thank you for the offer to speak. I would definitely like to talk about that!

    HI Lauren. We are in planning for ZertoCON 2021 and we will be looking for speakers and so i wanted to reach out and see if you would be still interested in talking further about this? The date we are planning is April 20 2021. Let me know.

    Hi Caroline! Absolutely, thanks for reaching out.

    Lauren, Excellent….Can you send me an email to caroline.seymour@zerto.com and we can set up a date and time to chat. Many Thanks

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