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JournalHistoryInHours does not match web app

  • Zerto 7.5

    When using the REST API to get the vpgSettings for a given VPG, the “JournalHistoryInHours” value is 720. But when viewing the same VPG in the web app, in the Settings tab, the value for “Journal History” is 7 days.

    Shouldn’t these values equal each other (after the obvious conversion of hours to days)? Or is there another place in the API to find this setting value?

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    I think they should match. I don’t have API access to the ZVM however I use PowerShell instead and I saw the following on one of my VPGs:


    Journal History- Web GUI- 8 hours

    VPGRpoInSeconds 14400
    VPGServiceProfileRPO 4:00:00
    VPGServiceProfileHistory 8:00:00
    VPGJournalHistoryInHours 8

    You sure you’re not looking at the wrong API value? What are the values for the same properties above?

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