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Journal Reverse Replication Commit

  • When initiating a “Failover” from Production site to our DR site (with reverse replication selected and committed), I notice that the reverse replicated disks are moved to a Zerto subfolder (from their original folder) but still on the same CSV volume that they where previously on – which is good.
    I also notice that the journal is created for the reverse replicate VM, on the same CSV as the reverse replicated VM, when reverse replicating back to our Production site, is there any way to re-point the Journal log to a different CSV?

    Reason i ask, is that our VM’s run on premium disk (All flash disk array on our Production site) and the Journals can get quite big, which would impact disk space on the flash array, we also have less expensive disk which would be fine for the journal, hence can i re-direct a reverse replicated VM to stage it’s journal on a different disk.

    The journals can be redirected to different storage by Edit VPG > Replication tab > VM Settings > select the VM > Journal Storage. Such settings can be configured on an existing VPG or at the time of setting up the reverse protection settings upon the failover. Please refer to No.8 in the Admin Guide.

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