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Journal history question

  • I am having an issue with 2 VM’s that mention that the Journal history SLA cannot be met because the Journal size is not large enough. If I decide to lower the Journal History setting to several hours will I still be able to failover in the following scenario?

    • The production environment is lost for instance because of a fire.
    • The failover action is executed several hours after the fire.
    • The time between fire and failover is longer than the Journal History setting.


    Hi Menno – The short answer is yes! As soon as the connection used for replication is unavailable, data movement between production and recovery stops. Whenever the production environment was lost (and the Zerto components are no longer connected to the recovery site components) then the list of recoverable checkpoints will become static (until connectivity is restored or the user chooses to commit an operation).

    So for example, if a VPG had 5 hours of history and the disconnection occurred 1 hours ago, then the ‘latest’ checkpoint would be 1 hourĀ old and the oldest checkpoint would be 7 hours old.

    Hi Justin,

    Thank you for your explanation. I can work with that.


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