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Is there anyone using ZORGs with vSphere?

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if there is actually anyone out there using ZORGs along with vSphere?

    The use case that I have here is that if you use ZORGs you have to map resource pools to the ZORGs.

    However it is well known that using resource pool is not a neutral thing in case of contention (i.e. the share values mandatory to the resource pools settings have a huge impact in terms of resource access competition, https://jeffejohnson.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/resource-pools-vs-folders/ this articles explains it clearly).

    As a CSP, it does mean that each time a customer would add a VM to a resource pool, we’ll have to re-calculate the share value to keep the fairness between customers which is not operationally suitable.

    So from my point of view, it is actually really hard to use ZORGs with vSphere. Is there anybody out there using this feature and how this issue is overcome?



    we are CSP as well, but even we I don’t like to use Resource Pools you won’t be able to replicate if you don’t use them

    Yes I agree with you, so how do you do?

    You let the default shares values for the resource pool and hope no contention will happen?

    I asked VMware whether we could put the share values to 0 so they don’t have any effect, but they confirmed this is not supported.

    I just use RP since I understand there is no way yo avoid them



    By any chance is there anyone having an answer on that?





    We monitor the environment to avoid contention so that the shares of the resource pool don’t need to come into play.

    Thanks for your answer,

    Agreed on a regular day to day base that would work, but what if you loose one or 2 hosts in your environment?

    This is where the contention would appear actually.

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