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Is it possible to increase the size of preseeded t

  • The replication between sites was broken. The source disk size was increased. When attempting to recreate a new pairing I would like to use the disk at the target site to preseed; However, the size does not match the source. Can I attache the disk to a VM, increase the size to match the source then use it to preseed?

    If you require modifying recovery disks, as in your situation of performing a disk resize while replication is broken, we advise using vmkfstools, discussed in the below linked VMWare documentation.


    For future reference, when you resize a source disk, Zerto will resize the target disk automatically, per https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/live-test-failover-to-a-checkpoint-prior-to-a-disk-re-size-occurs-with-the-post-resize-disk-size/, so long as replication is currently active.

    Hope this helps!

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