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Internet Circuit Failover

  • We all know that our primary circuits *never* go down, but when they do, it behooves us to have a backup circuit ready to fail over.  Over our primary internet circuits between HQ & DR, we will have 100Mbps dedicated to replication traffic.  However, our backup circuits are 4gLTE on cradlepoint routers and we may get 12M down and 5M up.  They are configured in such a way that they will automatically fail over if the primary EIGRP route drops out.

    Obvi… The 4g circuits won’t cut it to continue the replication.

    So, here’s my question:  Is there a way to script Zerto or an API to monitor for the failover to the backup circuit event and automatically scale back the replication throttle until the primary circuit is restored?

    Chuck Norris doesn’t surf the Internet, he stands on his surfboarf and the bits do the surfing for him!

    OK, memes aside this is something we don’t have in the API today, but there is a lot of API expansion coming over the near-term and you’ve highlighted a good use case for why and where this might apply.

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