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integrate Cloudian as LTR

  • Hi,

    I am trying to integrate a Cloudian Hyperstore as S3 compatible storage for LTR in Zerto V9.U4 however keep running into Valid SSL certificate issue. This is a POC being done and there is no CA signed certificate available on the Cloudian, I’ve tried to get around it by using free CA signed certificates (mkcert and openssl) but hasn’t helped. Any inputs to workaround would be appreciated.


    Hi Rajiv,

    Am just about to test the same, and wondered if you managed to implement LTR using Cloudian?  Any lessons learnt you would be kind enough to share?

    Thanks, Jamie

    Hi Jamie,

    I think the main issue was that there was no valid certificate for the Cloudian due to which Zerto refused to connect to the S3 web-site. I managed to put in a valid certificate that and that helped resolve the issue, however the object lock or immutable did not work for me, so for test purposes you could limit to vanilla S3 buckets. Hope that helps.





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