How's Your Linux FOTs with AWS?

  • Hello My Fellow Zerto-ites!

    I am checking with the community to see how your experience is with using Zerto with Linux (REHL 6 and 7).

    Were any of you able to successfully FOT a Linux system into AWS from your Hyper V/VMWare hypervisors?

    Were you able to successfully connect to the Linux  recovery testing instance successfully or did you have some challenges along the way?


    Thanks in advance,


    Patrick Goodwin

    System Administrator – BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc.

    Any additional feedback is also good.

    Sr. IT Cloud Engineer for BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. based in Westborough, MA.

    Hi Patrick,

    RHEL 5.x – 7.x are supported for re-IP into AWS as per our interoperability matrix (

    Are you having a specific issue with re-IP or failover in general?



    Senior Solution Engineer

    Hi Patrick,

    I am having an issue connecting to instance built on aws from vmware. We use static IP in vmware but after failover test, we can’t connect to ec2.

    We use redhat 6.5.

    Please advise if you have any idea.

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