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How to get a clone of a VM at recovery site?

  • Hopefully I can explain this properly to get a good answer.

    We have a site that we are replicating to our production environment with the intent to fail over those servers permanently at the end of April to run in production. Before then, we need a local clone of a specific test server in the production environment to do some software testing to ensure the code will work after fail over. I would rename and re-ip that clone for testing.

    I did a test fail over to see if I could clone it while it was running here, but those options are grayed out in vCenter. I thought I could maybe do a fail over and then clone that server while it was running here, then fail it back, but it’s part of a VPG that has 3 other servers that cannot be failed over yet.

    Any suggestions on how I can accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Select the VPG in question, choose “More” then “Offsite Clone”

    Oh that’s brilliant. Thank you. Have had Zerto for a couple years and never came across that option.

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