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How does Ip change occur on start up?

  • Zerto has the capability to change IP address of a server within a VPG when it boots up (either in a test or live scenario).  I am wondering how it does this exactly.  What script is it using, what attribute is it changing in the OS, etc?

    Further to that, is there an interoperability matrix available that shows what operating systems that Zerto is able to do this on?  Different distros of Linux, or virtual appliances for example.

    Hi Rhett. Thanks for your question.

    The IP change is invoked using VMware Tools or Microsoft Integration Services upon recovery of the VM. These must be installed ahead of time as outlined in our Administration Guide.

    Both the Administration Guide and the Operability Matrix are located on our Technical Documentation page here, which contains some downloadable as well as online guides.

    Operability Matrix (Starting on page 2 for your supported Guest question)

    Administration Guide for VMware vSphere (you’ll also find other versions the Technical Documentation page referenced above).

    Hope this helps!



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