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How can I exclude RDM disks from being replicated?

  • We have a Linux virtual server that has several large RDM LUN’s (7 TB). We do not want to use Zerto to replicate the RDM. How can we exclude them from Zerto replication?

    Hello, this is Matt, with Zerto Support.

    At this time, Zerto does not allow for disk level exclusion. There are two “work arounds.” The first is to not replicate the VM, which is probably not what you are looking for. You are also able to mark a disk as “Temp Data,” which replicates it once, but not any changes to the disk. This is probably also not what you are looking for, as to exclude the RDM disk entirely it would need to start empty.

    This is a feature that has been requested before, please feel free to add your support on MyZerto at https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/support/feature-requests/

    Thank you Matt.  Is the functionality any different in version 7.0 or 7.5 regarding RDM disks?

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