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Get VRA version and subversion from API

  • I’m looking to use a script to upgrade my VRAs from 4.5u1 to 4.5u3.  I’ve updated the ZVMs, and through the web GUI I can see which VRAs are “Outdated.”  Is there a way to find this via the REST API?  If I issue a /v1/vras, the vraversion parameter states 4.5 and not a subversion.  Is there a way to determine which VRAs are u1 and which ones are u3, either that or how to know which ones have the “Outdated” status.

    Hey Jason,

    I’ve fed this back to our product teams and we will address this in a future version. In the meantime I’d recommend just running the VRA update API call against each VRA one by one. If using PowerShell you can encapsulate it in a TRY statement so any VRAs that don’t need updating won’t break the script. Make sense? Thanks,


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